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Why Express?

Express Auto Warranty reviews the best companies products to locate and present the finest Vehicle Service Contracts on the market.

"A" Rated Service

To ensure quality auto warranties to our customers, the only products you will see are from companies with a Better Business Bureau Rating of "A" or better.

Pick Coverage

We review and compare pricing and coverage from thousands of policies, based on your driving habits, we let you decide which one is right for you.

Our Guarantee

All plans sold include a 30 day satisfaction guarantee because we find you the lowest priced products from the most reputable companies.

Express Auto Warranty

Transparency is important to us.

Protecting your automobile with a warranty is smart but understanding the details and the company are important as well.

Customers should thoroughly understand the products, pricing, and payments before choosing any vehicle Service Contract.  All plans sold include a 30 day, full refund, satisfaction guarantee.  Unlike most companies in this industry, Express Auto Warranty does not just sell one company's product but searches multiple auto warranty providers coverage for the right protection for your vehicle. Express Auto Warranty continuously monitors administrators' products to evaluate and ensure that their services should be trusted by our customers.

This site and associated marketing materials that link to this site use the terms "warranty", "extended warranty", "policies", "plans" and "vehicle service contract" for marketing purposes only.  Auto manufacturers are the only entities that can offer extended car warranties.  Plans sold through Express Auto Warranty are selected from one of many different companies (administrators) and offer varying levels of coverages.  In most cases you will see one of two types of vehicle service contracts, "Exclusionary" (the better type) and a "Listed" plan.  Exclusionary plans provide the consumer with a list of items that are not covered and anything that is not on that list is covered.  Listed plans list all of the items that are covered and if something breaks that is not on the list it won't be covered.