Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)?

A Vehicle Service Contract is an agreement between a contract holder and the administrator of the contract, in which they each agree that for an agreed upon amount paid by the contract holder to the administrator, that the administrator will pay for mechanical breakdowns or failures documented in the VSC of the contract holders designated vehicle.

How does a Vehicle Service Contract work?

In most cases the contract holder will take the vehicle into their favorite certified repair facility and have the certified technician contact the administrator of the policy to report a claim on the covered vehicle.  From there the administrator will handle the claim with the service facility to ensure that they receive payment for the repair to the vehicle.

Why do I need a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)?

Vehicle Service Contracts are designed to limit the amount of out of pocket expense to the contract holders due to unforeseen repairs to your covered vehicle.  VSC’s provide the contract holders the comfort of knowing that they will not have to come out of pocket with large sums of money, and that experienced administrators will work directly with the repair facility to ensure that they are getting the repair that is necessary.  Vehicle Service Contract holders do not have to worry about the process, or whether or not the repair center is charging too much for the repair.  Vehicle Service Contract holders will tend to keep their vehicles longer because even though they know that the chance of a mechanical breakdown goes up every day on the vehicle, they have peace of mind when those large repairs occur.

What is a VIN? Where do I find mine?

The term VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and is a unique 17 digit id number for your specific vehicle.  The VIN allows people to ascertain the specific details of that particular vehicle.  This number is needed to determine the date the vehicle was put into service, and if the vehicle is still under the Factory warranty.  Your vehicles VIN number will be printed on the insurance card or on the vehicle itself. The easiest place to see the number on your vehicle is on the driver's side dashboard by looking in through the glass from the outside of the vehicle.  The VIN is also on the drivers’ side door jamb which is also easy to get at.

What coverage options do you offer?

At Express Auto Warranty we search through thousands of policies from many of the top administrators in the business which must be backed by A rated insurance carriers to find the best coverage for your vehicle at the best price.  In most cases we are able to offer the Best coverage which is an Exclusionary policy (this means that in the contract it states only what is not covered, and anything not written is covered), but in some cases we are only able to offer Good or Better policies which are inclusionary policies (they list items that are covered only).  Although these policies are not as broad of coverage as our Best policies, they do provide the peace of mind to know that you will not get hit with a large out of pocket expenses on the covered vehicle.

What makes Express the best place to buy a Vehicle Service Contract?

  • We research many different companies to find the Best coverage for your vehicle at the Best price, and are not limited to one company.
  • The products that our administrators offer are the best in the business, their insurance carriers are A rated, and most importantly their customer satisfaction results are very positive..
  • Our company lets you learn and choose which policy is best for you.  We provide all information regarding the warranty and encourage you read through the contract before buying so that you and you alone can make the decision if this is right for you.  We provide the customer the opportunity to compare many companies product and prices too!

Why do you have a waiting period?

People try to game our administrators and purchase a warranty after their vehicle malfunctions.   These people buy a contract knowing the vehicle has existing failures, and use our service as an excuse to fix their car. The administrators find out in many ways when a vehicle has had a preexisting condition for a while and can deny a claim during this time period for that reason.  That’s why we have a 30 day/1000 mile waiting period, whichever occurs first. Both these criteria need to be fulfilled prior to filing a claim.

Where can I take my car if it has a problem?

Take your vehicle where you trust, as long as it is a certified mechanic we can handle it.  The dealership or the local expert are able to perform repairs, and our contracts allow you to go where you would like to go.

How do claims get filed?

Simply take the vehicle to any licensed repair facility and have them call the claims administrator on your policy with the diagnostic results to start the claim. Our administrators handle the process from there. You must contact the administrator prior to doing any repair to have the claim covered.

Do I get a rental car during the repair?

Yes. On an authorized claim a rental car is provided for up-to 3 days depending on the time needed for the repair.

Where can I get my rental car?

If the repair facility you chose does not provide rental cars, contact a rental car company of your choice and retain your receipt. You will have to submit your rental receipt and be reimbursed for the rental car. Again, review your specific contract as these differ among the different types of coverage offered through Express.

What does the Vehicle Service contract Cover?

Each Contract is different, so read through the sample policy to understand the coverage.  There are several types of contracts but the main types are typically referred to as “exclusionary” (which is the best type of coverage and not available on many vehicles) or “inclusionary”.  An exclusionary policy will list items that are not covered, and then anything not listed on the contract is covered under the contract.  An inclusionary policy will typically list items that are covered and if it is not listed then it is not covered.  Again, this is the basic idea of how contracts are written, but because we sell thousands of different plans, we ask that you look at the sample policy that is provided along with the quotes and review before purchasing.  No policy will cover physical damage to a vehicle, or standard maintenance items.

Can I cancel this if I sell my car?

The contract can be cancelled at anytime.  The contract is also transferrable to a new owner when you sell the vehicle. Read all details on the sample contract under “Cancellations” for all the details.

Does the coverage pay all of the claim?

As long as the vehicle is brought to an ASE certified technician, which are some of the best in the business, the repair facility has agreed to charge hourly according to industry standards.  We cover all costs on an approved repair in accordance with industry standards, and you will only be responsible for the deductable that you have on the contract.

How does the repair facility get paid?

Most administrators will pay the claim as soon as the repair is approved and an invoice faxed to their attention.  In most cases this takes less than thirty minutes.  In some cases you may choose to take your vehicle to a location that does not accept credit cards.  In these cases we will send a check to their address at the time of repair.

What if your office is closed?

Follow the guidelines listed in your contract for an emergency repair and your claim will be covered.  Please note there are specific time requirements for this type of repair, so please review policy for details.

Is there a limit to claims?

Again, we sell a lot of different contracts, but the standard approved claims will be around $15,000 per contract.

Do I need to keep maintenance records?

Most claims will not require a maintenance record, although some will. Many times if the claim was caused by lack of maintenance (example: The oil was so thick it caused the engine to get too hot and crack the engine block because you never changed your oil), an administrator will ask for a maintenance record.

What if I already have a powertrain warranty?

A Powertrain Warranty covers some components on your vehicle.  Based on the age and mileage of your vehicle, we can many times offer much more coverage than a Powertrain Warranty can offer.

What are my costs when I have a claim?

The contract holder pays a deductible and the administrator of the policy takes care of all the things that are covered by the contract.

What if I’m already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Fact is that you may still be under the manufacturers warranty.  In most cases a manufacturers warranty lasts for three years from when the vehicle was put into service (may have happenned before your purchase), or when the odometer reaches 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you plan on keeping your vehicle beyond the original warranty, now is the best time to purchase extended protection.

Can I bring my car in next week to get it fixed?

No, there are different requirements for different coverage, but in most cases you are not covered for 1 month from the time that you buy a policy and/or 1,000 miles from when you bought the policy. 

Some people think they can buy a contract on a car that is already broken down and get the vehicle covered…  This will not work!  These administrators have been providing vehicle service contracts for decades and are able to determine if there has been a pre existing condition on a vehicle.  There are ways in which they can access the computer system in a vehicle as well.