About Us

Our mission at Express is to make buying any warranty simple and transparent.  Express is a company that uses data to make more informed decisions. Today we provide the most actionable insights in the car warranty industry and will expand our platform to other data driven services to help consumers make educated decisions on all products sold on the internet.

Express helps consumers understand the Vehicle Service Protection industry and created a simple, easily understandable way to purchase additional financial protection against mechanical breakdowns on vehicles after a vehicles factory warranty expires.  

One of our goals was to legitimize the Car "Warranty/ Vehicle Service Contract" industry.  We make the process of purchasing additional vehicle service coverage for your vehicle seamless, while informing you of all pertinent information to make the right choice based on your specific vehicle and the driving patterns.  Our database searches through vast amounts of coverages to present the Best Valued Coverages for vehicles from companies we trust and have partnered with to provide this service.  

We allow consumers to purchase a Vehicle Service Contract from one of many third party Administrators. This Site is operated by EXPRESS AUTO WARRANTY, which is not affiliated with any administrator (Warranty Provider).  EXPRESS AUTO WARRANTY does not issue or underwrite the Vehicle Service Contracts made available on this Site.  We are an authorized seller of Vehicle Service Contracts from our trusted group of administrators..

Express Auto Warranty only deals with reputable administrators with "A" ratings or higher that are also underwritten by an "A" rated insurance company.  Our customer experience is tied to the administrator’s product and service history, so we will only offer the best products from the best companies.   Our partners provide the customer with the product they choose and follow through on that product.

We are proud of our company, and believe in achieving our goal of being the leading supplier of vehicle service contracts in the country and ultimately data driven internet purchases in the country.  To achieve our goal we need continuous feedback.  Please let us know about your experience using our service by visiting our Contact Us page.